The Tetrahedron Superyacht defies gravity and looks like a Star Destroyer

In the not-so-distant future, anyone navigating the warm waters off the Spanish island of Ibiza may notice a particularly odd vessel sharing the sea with them. Shaped like a pyramid and reminiscent of something Fox Mulder yearns to believe in, London-based designer Jonathan Schwinge‘s Tetrahedron Superyacht is the luxury boat of the future. As is typically seen with concept vehicles, however, this futuristic ship exists solely as a batch of beautifully rendered images and it’s not entirely known if Schwinge and his team ever intend to actually construct their otherworldly creation.

And like the stuff of dreams, the Tetrahedron Superyacht would essentially levitate on water during operation due to a vertical strut that’s attached to a submerged, torpedo-like hull. Dubbed the HYSWAS hull — or Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship — the Tetra would rise out of the water as it gains speed thanks to side-mounted adjustable hydrofoils. While stationary, the hull sits retracted into the body of the ship, which keeps the vessel floating on the surface of the water. It’s not until it begins to accelerate that the strut lengthens and sends the Tetra into its levitating state.

“This hull form has two working ‘waterlines’ for its operation,” Schwinge says on his website. “At low speed, the Tetrahedron sits gently on three underbelly hulls. At high-speed the hydrofoils rotate on the lower submerged hull, causing the effect of mysteriously raising the triangle out of the water.”

Though operation of the vehicle sits somewhere between science fiction and reality, the renderings show that the stationary Tetra can boast of everything you’d ever associate with the yachting life. Comfortable loungers line each of the vessel’s open-air decks, ladders give passengers easy access for a quick dip, and a long dinner table on the bow makes it easy to enjoy dinner during a picturesque sunset. However, it’s not the high life Schwinge wanted to show off in creating his innovative new design.

“Long distances are achievable with reduced out-of-water drag and stormy ocean conditions would incur virtually no slamming,” Schwinge points out. “Improved efficiency is driven by elevated hydrofoil propulsion and would be an inherent performance benefit of this type of design.”

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So no matter what conditions a Tetra Superyacht finds itself in, the vessel would travel with absolute ease. Moreover, Schwinge says the Tetra would boast speeds of roughly 17.2 miles per hour during take-off and up to 43.7 miles per hour while in its full, above-water form. It would also have a range of around 3,000 nautical miles. If built, the ship would consist of carbon fiber and duplex stainless steel and would likely be capable of reasonably accommodating 10 total riders — six passengers and four crew members.

The likelihood of Schwinge’s pyramid superyacht seeing an actual body of water remains incredibly low, but hey, the world’s billionaires can dream, can’t they?


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