Grovemade winds up a new line of gorgeous wooden watches

Over the past couple years, Grovemade has established itself as the premiere maker of wooden mobile accessories, but in the past few months, it’s been branching out and expanding its product offering. Hot on the heels of it’s newly-released line of wood and leather desktop accessories, the Portland, Oregon-based company has just pulled the curtain back on a stunning new line of wooden watches.

Standing in stark contrast to the likes of Pebble, Fitbit, and other newfangled wearables that seem to be en vogue right now, Grovemade’s watches are an exercise in low-tech simplicity. You won’t find any sensors or touchscreen panels on these things — just a simple hardwood face that lets you know the hour and minute.

But that’s not to say they’re like any other analog watches you can buy. Unlike other timepieces, each Wood Watch is outfitted with a unique set of circular hands to display the time. Instead of a big hand and a small hand, the watch features red and white dots that move beneath the wooden face. The red dot represents the hour, whereas the faster moving white dot indicates the minute.

And of course, just like the rest of Grovemade’s products, the watches are available in your choice of Eastern Hardrock Maple or Black Walnut. The Wood Watch face is offered in round or square, and with a black leather or black silicone strap for walnut faces and a tan leather or a natural tooling leather strap for maple faces.

Unfortunately you wont be able to get one of these badboys on your wrist until this winter, but in the interim Grovemade will begin taking advanced orders of the Wood Watch at the starting price of $199.