Harness the power of water while on the go with SiGNa Chemistry’s PowerTrekk

If you’re looking for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way to power your collection of smart devices then PowerTekk has you covered. Harnessing the power of water and converting hydrogen into electricity, Swedish company myFC has devised a two-in-one device that consists of both a fuel cell battery pack and replaceable fuel cell cartridges.

We got some a chance to check out the PowerTrekk at the Showstoppers event here in Las Vegas for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show and we came away impressed. Designed to work with virtually any device that has a thirst for electricity. PowerTrekk will power your smartphone, camera, iPods, tablets, and more.

PowerTrekk’s designer’s claim that by utilizing the higher energy density outputs found in their device, PowerTrekk energy is better and cheaper than traditional battery power. Each fuel cartridge provides up to 4 hours of energy and costs less than a four-pack of batteries.

Of course, cheaper and more efficient energy is great, but what about the environmental impact? And how exactly does it work? It’s actually quite easy. Simply add water to the PowerTrekk’s fuel cell charger, which when combined with SiGNa Chemistry’s unique hydrogen storage technology causes a chemical reaction. The fuel cartridge contains a safe and non-toxic powder that instantly reacts with the water, creating hydrogen energy in the process – all of which generates zero harmful emissions.

Will hydrogen fuel cell technology replace more traditional battery power? Time will tell. While the replaceable fuel packs are relatively cheap, (around $12) the PowerTrekk fuel cell charger is a tad more expensive with an estimated cost of over $200. Still if you lead an active lifestyle and want to seek an environmentally friendly way to power your electronics, the SiGNa PowerTrekk just might be your answer when it ships this spring.