Have an alien kill your best friend while you still can

have an alien kill your best friend while you still can chestbursterBy this point in time, it’s tempting to say that we’re all pretty over the shock of the new that was Augmented Reality; after all, Aurasma first demonstrated the technology two years ago, before releasing an iPhone app using the software in May 2011 and a second, Android-friendly app a month later. By now, you’d be forgiven the idea that we can hold our mobile device of choice in front of a particular image and – assuming that we have a working camera and said image hasn’t been corrupted by one of many possible problems – receive more information about said image in the form of video, audio or a link to a new website, seems somewhat passe. We’ve been there, done that, and even downloaded the app that makes our comic books talk to us. And yet, someone has finally used AR technology for a purpose that makes the whole thing seem worthwhile again, creating an app that finally allows you to see an alien burst out of your best friend’s chest.

Chest Burster is an app that uses AR tech to reveal one of the beasties from Ridley Scott’s original Alien being born out of the chest of whoever is wearing the appropriate image while the app is open. It’s something so simultaneously dumb – Let’s be polite and say that the uses for this app are somewhat limited, shall we? – and so awesome – You can see aliens rip open your friends’ chests – that I’m fairly convinced that it’s not only found a sweet spot in the world of the Internet, but that it’s already bought some property on said spot and has plans to build if everything goes to plan.

As if you need any more convincing about the potential genius behind this app, here is a video to demonstrate how it works:

There is, of course, one basic problem with the Chest Burster app: It’s illegal.

Well, the app itself isn’t, to the best of my knowledge. But, considering that the iTunes download page for the free app doesn’t appear to include any copyright statement to the effect of “Chestbursters, like everything else that appears in Alien or any of the subsequent movies set in the same fictional universe, are very much copyright 20th Century Fox, used with permission,” I suspect that this is an app that should be downloaded while you still can, and before Fox or related parties slaps the developers with a cease and desist order.

If that happens – when that happens – it may be the best thing for the Chest Burster developers; they’ll have made a high profile app that demonstrates their skill, and will be able to move on to new projects without having to worry about it outstaying its welcome. As business plans go, it’s unusual, but not necessarily a bad one…