HCT DH-720G – 5.1 Home Theater Headphones

Quote from the review:

“The world of headphones is getting shadier and shadier everyday. It is getting difficult, even for audiophiles, to pick one pair over the other. Obviously the deciding factor is the sound quality, but the overall package value makes it tough to choose. The selections are limitless in the market, but what are some factors that make it narrow down to fewer and more targeted choices? You have to know what to look for when shopping for high-end headphones. You also have to know the application you are going to use them for. Are you a regular MP3 player listener or are you a definitive gamer? Do you like to listen to more softer and classical music or do you prefer hard rock and more bass straining audio categories? These are the questions that you should ask yourself when looking for a new pair of high-end headphones. It is especially critical because of their price. You must know your listening criteria before you invest into a pair of headphones only to regret your decisions later.”

While CoolTechZone seems to like these headphones, there have been so many 5.1 headphones entering the market lately under brands that we have not heard of. Be careful and in our opinion, go to a home audio site to read the reviews over the PC hardware sites. www.headfi.org is a great site to check out.

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