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Sick of tying your shoes? Turn them into slip-ons with Hickies 2.0

HICKIES 2.0 - The Evolution of Shoelaces
Your time is precious, and it shouldn’t be spent lacing up your shoes.

So for everyone who believes that bows should only be tied on presents (and not on your feet), there’s great news for you. Hickies, the same company that debuted five years ago to turn any shoe into a slip-on, is back again with Hickies 2.0 — described as “an improved high performance model” for any kind of shoe on any kind of terrain.

Boasting the same easy design and functionality as the original, the enhance Hickies 2.0 promises to be more durable and more secure, and also features a more streamlined design for any footwear. The clever lacing system is a one-size-fits-all patented modular design with one strap per pair of eyelets which contracts and expands independently, promising “maximum flexibility and a customized fit.” Meant for the woman or man on the go, Hickies 2.0 are meant for any sneaker or athletic shoe — simply replace your laces with the band system, slip the shoes on, and be on your merry way.

The newest iteration of the product makes use of a new, proprietary elastomer blend, the same material used in Apple Watch wristbands, which claims to blend “memory adaptive technology with flexibility.” As a result, your shoes ought to fit you better than ever, as the “laces” form to your foot like a glove.

“We realized everything around sneakers has evolved except for the shoelaces,” said Hickies co-founder, Gaston Frydlewski. “Today, shoes are made using the most advanced materials and latest innovations: we walk over chambers of air, wear custom memory foam insoles … [but] why do we keep lacing our shoes with strings?”

Now, we don’t have to.

Hickies 2.0 comes in 15 different color options, and is also available in special children’s sizes. The product is currently available for pre-order through November 4, and promises to be at your doorstep (or that of your friends and family) in time for the holiday season.

So if your only holiday wish is to never tie a shoe again, you’re in luck with Hickies.

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