High-Def Formats Delayed Further?

Already into 2006, we need not wait much longer until our new high-definition formats like Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are delivered to us. However we may have to wait longer as there’s currently a problemconcerning the final method of copy protection for these new formats. The final specification of the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) has been delayed for now. So what does this mean? It meanswe wait. There is nothing that can really be done to speed along a process concerning copy-protection methods. Surely studios and directors will want this done properly so that no one can break it asquickly as DVD.

Last week, members of the AACS board could not agree on a final specification for the copy-protection scheme. Most of the problem is lying in final Blu-Ray details so that it is “hacker proof”, butHD-DVD still must wait for the same copy-protection methods to finish and be complete before arriving in stores for customers. Blu-Ray is using something called BD+ to add extra security and to makeit seem like a more secure format, which in turn could lure more studios toward its format instead of HD-DVD. After all, it’s the studios that get to make the call which format they want to go with(which will no doubt be the more secure format). It is now expected for next-gen high-def formats to be released this Summer as opposed to the original target dates of March and April.