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High definition video pen makes recording video and audio a stealthy breeze


If you’re looking to channel your inner spy this holiday season then we have the perfect gift idea for you. This high definition video pen from Hammacher Schlemmer packs an impressive list of features, which will make all those spying, blackmailing, and otherwise dastardly deeds all the easier.

Other than snapping some compromising pictures of your boss or co-workers, the inconspicuous pen has a built-in video camera and is capable of capturing HD videos all with the simple click of a button. In addition, there is a built-in color camera lens is located above the pocket clip and just in case you need more than just video to get the job done, there is also a hidden microphone to the side of the barrel. The micro camera is able to capture up to five hours of AVI video at 1280 x 720 resolutions and, as we mentioned previously, can capture up to 20,000 JPEG images. Last, but not least, the high definition video pen is — yup you guessed it — a pen, so feel free to jot down some notes or write up an impromptu, legally binding contract.

Data management is handled easily enough with the pen’s integrated 8 GB memory – there is even a handy time and date stamp — you know, so your evidence can easily be archived in case it is called into question. When you need to transfer your video or images just connect the device via the pen’s USB 2.0 port to a PC or Mac, no special software required. Just don’t spy on us, please. 


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