High-tech Airwave ski goggles from Oakley bring augmented reality to the slopes

high tech airwave ski goggles from oakley bring augmented reality to the slopesSkiing fanatics with a penchant for gadgets are certain to be interested in this swish new pair of goggles from Oakley. The $599 gear contains heads-up display tech similar to that utilized by fighter pilots, with a ton of information fed through to the skier in real time and also after the run is over.

The high-tech Airwave goggles allow you to view your precise location, see how far you’ve traveled and track your altitude and speed, alongside a bunch of other stats pulled from your last run or jump. Using the Airwave mobile app, you can even keep tabs on the whereabouts of your skiing buddies on other parts of the slope.

Oakley’s Airwave goggles are fitted with a plethora of on-board sensors that help gather and transmit all the information, including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, GPS and Bluetooth. The data is viewed inside the goggles, which uses prism technology to give the feeling you’re looking at a screen 14-inches wide from a distance of five feet.

The augmented-reality goggles can also be hooked up to an iOS or Android device, allowing you to perform a range of functions – details of which are thrown up on Airwave’s display – using a wireless remote worn on the wrist which, with its chunky buttons, can be comfortably operated without having to go through the time-wasting rigmarole of removing your gloves.

Oakley’s Switchlock technology is also included in Airwave, allowing you to quickly change lenses to match the environment.

Airwave goggle brings alpine sports into the future with a stunning array of capabilities,” Oakley CEO Colin Baden said in a release to coincide with the launch of the new gear this week.

This is certainly a neat-looking piece of kit, but then Oakley said earlier this year it’s been researching augmented reality technology for the last 15 years or so. No doubt designers at Google will be among the first to snap up a pair….