Hot Tug, the jacuzzi boat, is the hottest ride you’ll have year-round

hot tug the jacuzzi boat is hottest ride youll have year round couple

Yo dawg, I heard you like soaking in the waters, so we put a hot tub in a river so you can soak while you soak.

No? Okay, I tried.

If it’s any indication from the photo above, Hot Tug is one ridiculously gaudy yet awesome and interesting ride. The item is exactly what you think it is — a hot tub that’s also a boat — so you can a enjoy bubbly warm jacuzzi session while moving along the waters to enjoy the local views. This might make sense in the Netherlands, where HotTug originates, but in the states, you might have a harder time finding a suitable place to dock your jacuzzi boat to enjoy the scenery without tons of people trying to eavesdrop on your business.

Still, the idea is pretty entertaining, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to take the Hot Tug out for a spin ourselves. Working under most-weather conditions, the jacuzzi can warm waters up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 2.5 hours before you’ll need to speed back to shore for cover. The water heater itself is a wood stove for which you’ll have to feed logs, so it’s imperative to supply those separately as well. Hot Tug claims the stove is covered in stainless steel finish which cools under water, so you won’t run the risk of burning yourself at touch. The boat is also constructed from wood and glass fiber, adding a luxury finish to the vehicle. Each Hot Tug can fit up approximately six to eight people, depending on how intimate you like to be with your friends.

The Hot Tug also comes in your choice of various motors and powers to give you different range of speeds and cruising battery life. Of course, if you want to use the Hot Tug as a regular tug boat, feel free to sail on without filling the seating area with water.

Interested? The Hot Tug starts at $14,950 for the basic hot tug boat, and goes up to $21,480 for the premium edition that comes with a stainless steel wood burner, electric motor, and four six-volt batteries. An expensive price to pay, but it’s sure to leave your neighbors in a jaw drop.