How to make a great Halloween costume with two iPad 2s (and some fake blood)


Still deciding what to wear for Halloween? Got a pair of iPad 2s? Problem solved.

Over at Kotaku, one of the site’s readers has posted a video of his homemade, see-through torso costume — and it’s a nice little way to use those iPad 2s for something other than Angry Birds.

Along with a pair of the tablet computers — though you could do this with any tablets really, not just the iPad 2 — the costume also requires some decent WiFi to keep the displays synchronized. Add a bit of fake blood around the edges, and you have an instant “hey, look through my stomach” effect.

Here’s how the costume’s creator explains it:

Basically you start a FaceTime chat between the iPads and then tape one to your front and one to your back. Add a little red paint and you’re good to go. It’s supposed to look like you have a gaping hole in your torso. If you spend more time than I did on the blood and the flesh part and lining up the iPads it could look pretty cool.

So there you go. And yes, we noticed that the two iPads weren’t exactly lined up in the video, but we choose to think this actually an intentional Portal-type effect he was going for. Mission accomplished!

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