HTC One cameras’ sample photos are impressive indeed

HTC One Sample Pic

When we first saw and sampled the HTC One X during Mobile World Congress about a month ago, we wondered how its 8-megapixel camera will fare in real life under natural photography conditions. The HTC blog has decided to let fans follow its adventure around the world, taking phones from the HTC One series along with a team of travelers and snapping photos along the way in a series called “Taking HTC One on the road.”

“But we don’t build phones for the press, we build them for you, our fans all around the world,” the HTC blog read. “That’s why we want to know what everyone thinks of them. So we’ve embarked on a round-the-world trip to bring HTC One directly to our fans.”

HTC One Sample Pic

The first stop in the blog series was Paris, France. The HTC representative stopped by to let fans take sample photos for themselves and ended up with this gorgeous photo of the iconic Musée du Louvre. Other sample photos included a macro shot and a black and white picture, both of which can be found in the official blog post. The blogger also writes that he seems to run into a lot of random HTC fans abroad, finding one Tae Kwon Do instructor whom he advertises to use the HTC One to help record class sessions to help his students review their forms and movements. The blogger also notes his next stop will be Warsaw, Poland.

HTC One SampleIn a separate post a few days later, photos emerge from the exotic southeastern tourist spot: Bangkok, Thailand. A different blogger says he had a few weeks to travel around Asia with the phones, and posted sample photos in low light condition, outdoors, indoors, and a macro shot out his food. One photo was of a temple that contains intricate jeweled glass details and molding, which the HTC One was able to capture. The blogger also noted how the phones’ cameras had different settings for various conditions, such as “Vintage warm” filter that did well in sunny Thailand. He also said the battery was more than half full “late in the day,” and went on to last the rest of their night. Of course, since this is posted from the official HTC blog, the representative may very well be bragging about his product, but we doubt he would lie about a feature and instead just not mention it if the battery actually sucked. Otherwise, he’ll be upsetting many fans waiting for the HTC One to release.

The “Taking HTC One on the road” series aims to hit many other major cities, such as Seattle, Miami, London, New Delhi, San Paolo, Rome, and Taipei so expect photos from all these cities in the near future. The blog also asks fans to recommend a place they’d like to see the HTC folks stop by, so with enough persuasion, you may be the lucky person to spot an HTC blogger in your city and sample out the HTC One before it hits the market.