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A neodymium magnet finally beat a hydraulic press

Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. In a rather epic showdown between two very serious contenders, the hydraulic press finally met its match. The identity of this mighty foe? A neodymium magnet. 

The folks at PressTube have spent the last few months showing off just how easily and quickly a hydraulic press normally disposes of anything that comes in its path. Motorcycle batteries? Please. Packs of beer? You wish. None have the capacity to withstand the crushing force of the press. That is, until it met a neodymium magnet.

This is no ordinary magnet, mind you. Your refrigerator, in fact, would probably suffer from its presence. This super magnet has a force strong enough to cause serious injuries, even to the point of breaking human bones. And should two of these magnets get too close to one another, they could strike with enough force to shatter, producing dangerous conditions arising from the shrapnel. Indeed, a neodymium magnet can even interfere with an airplane’s navigation system, so suffice it to say that this magnet is certainly a worthy opponent in any battle.

Capable of holding up to 1,000 times its weight, the magnet had no problem going up against the previously undefeated hydraulic press. In fact, not only was the magnet not crushed by the press, but it actually managed to repel it — at least, for a little while. Ultimately, the magnet didn’t exactly survive the experiment completely unscathed (PressTube revealed that it suffered an internal crack that eventually caused the whole magnet to break in half), but it can still declare victory against the formidable hydraulic press.

So if your idea of a great time is watching large things get crushed, and then sometimes not get crushed, head on over to PressTube’s YouTube channel, where you’ll be able to peruse the powers (and limitations) of the hydraulic press and a neodymium magnet to your heart’s content.

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