I Want My Avot mV

How would you like to be able to watch video, based on your personal preferences, culled from l video-sharing sites, on your mobile device in almost real-time playback? If that sounds like your perfect dream, the startup Avot Media is about to make it come true.   According to an Information Week report, the company is launching Avot mV, which will do all that, and more. It uses content-based search, and even allows users to organize the videos into playlists and share them with friends via a messaging feature.   Although it will work with many mobile devices, it will need a 3G or Wi-Fi network, and users will need a data plan.   The program is a free download. Since there’s no video transcoding to a mobile format, the direct streaming should mean a high video and audio quality, and the company says it offers point-and-click video access, rather than users having to type in URLs.  

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