Belkin WeMo devices let you tweet to turn the lights on with ‘ifttt’ logic

ifttt now allows you to tweet turn the lights on belkin wemo

You might have heard of the ifttt concept before. The acronym stands for “If This Then That,” meaning you can program a logical sequence for B to happen only if A happens. For example, you can program your Twitter account to tweet each time you are tagged in a Facebook photo. Other “recipes” include automatically adding your newly uploaded Instagram photo to your Dropbox, or sending you a text message if you received an e-mail from a particular sender.

For the most part, ifttt (pronounced like Lift without the L) has remained mostly in the social media and virtual realm. But now, the developers have announced a new compatibility that will allow users to make use of ifttt with home electronics so you can perform almost any Web act to power your gadgets. Collaborating with Belkin’s WeMo devices, users can program products to turn on or off with your preferred social media act of choice. This means remote control from anywhere using “Quick Triggers,” — e-mail, text, and even Google Talk — so you can make sure your device is on and ready to go before you arrive home, or off if you didn’t get to manually switch it before leaving.

One of the two compatible Belkin WeMo devices is the Switch, where all you have to do is plug the device you wish to control through the outlet and let social media take control. According to the ifttt blog, popular recipes include scheduling party lights and music at a New Year’s Eve party, turn on the light when the sun sets, and of course, toggling between On/Off power.

ifttt will also work with the WeMo Motion, a motion sensor gear that recognizes various actions. Recipes here include getting a text when the WeMo Motion senses that the door is opening, or posting a Facebook status when someone reaches for the cookie jar. A combination of these two devices can also be programmed, such as turning the light on when the Motion senses a person coming up on the doorstep. We imagine this could be a great toy for practicality, and practical jokes.

Of course, because of the myriad of social media sites and activities that go on per minute, don’t expect your tweets and texts to activate the Switch and Motion instantaneously. ifttt browses for commands every 15 minutes, so only freak out if your Triggers don’t go through after that time period.

With the new update, ifttt is an even more fun and interesting way to automate your lifestyle acts with social media, especially if you want remote access to your gadgets without having to wait for major companies to add that compatibility. The program is free to join, while the WeMo Switch and Motion package will cost you $100. What recipes will you come up with?

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