This interactive photo-sharing costume will win over Instagram addicts

interactive instagram halloween costume wins our internet points micotto

We saw a lot of creative, Internet-related costumes over at the HallowMEME party last week, and while there was an Instagram costume spotted here and there, it certainly was not as interactive as Eric Micotto’s. The Tokyo-based American photographer decided that he wanted to utilize an iPad as part of his costume, and what better way to get people engaging with his costume than to go as Internet’s most popular photo app?

interactive instagram halloween costume wins our internet points micotto backThe clever costume begins with a large cut-out of the Instagram logo, with holes strategically placed at the lens and the back screen panel. In those slots, Micotto has aligned an iPad and a Nikon D800 so that he can snap pictures of party-goers and have them display in real-time on the iPad screen. 

“I used a Nikon D800 combined with an Eye-fi SD card and a portable wireless router,” he told PetaPixel. “On the iPad, I linked to my Eye-fi card using the ShutterSnitch app, which I’ve found works much better for me than the official Eye-fi app. I also set the iPad to not go to sleep so that it would remain lit up and ready.” Good thing the iPad’s got a battery life of up to 10 hours, though we can imagine things to get real hot back there with the display on and its brightness turned high for hours on end.

interactive instagram halloween costume wins our internet points micotto photo

Of course, there’s one very important omissions: Filters. While photographs taken with the costume won’t have these creative effects, it sure would be fun to have a walking photobooth at your next Halloween party instead of having people line up in a corner to get their pictures taken, high-school-dance style. You can always upload the photo to the real Instagram later if you really want that vintage overlay on your 2012 era party. Lastly, the red hat Micotto wears is also a nice hipster touch for those going the sarcastic route. If you still haven’t thought up a costume and got some camera equipment around, this isn’t a bad idea to, ahem, borrow for the night.


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