‘Intimacy 2.0’ is Valentine’s Day fetish wear for serious science fiction geeks

Intimacy 2.0 dress

Well, this would make a stir at Comic Con: “Intimacy 2.0,” is a dress that plays peek-a-boo when you’re aroused. Made with ribbons of leather and opaque “e-foils,” the materials can recognize the wearer’s rising heartbeat and “personal encounters with people” before it turns from cloudy to see-through. It’s the dress that’ll definitely turn heads – as long as you’re excited enough.

Intimacy 2.0 dress black to transparentCreated by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, the Intimacy 2.0 has a lot more tech than meets the eye – even if not much seems to appear at all. The e-foils contain tiny LEDs, copper, and other electronics to measure your body’s change in electric current. A faster heart rate means more current, which indicates a heightened level of arousal, thus forcing the foils to pulsate and turn from opaque to clear.

“Social interactions determine the garment’s level of transparency, creating a sensual play of disclosure,” Roosegaarde says.

It’s an interesting and provocative piece that explores tech as a tool to create intimacy rather than distance ourselves in this modern, plugged in society. It also helps that the Intimacy 2.0 looks straight out of a sci-fi movie if you and your lover are into that kind of role play sexy time. Look, we’re not judging. If we could help you make your sex life more techy and modern, then more power to ya.

For those interested in getting their hands on this daring dress, here are some sheer good news: Roosegaarde is currently in talks with designers to bring the futuristic garment to market – and it’s probably going to cost a pretty penny. For the hopeful window shoppers, Intimacy 2.0 can be seen on display at Kent State University Museum in Ohio before it continues to make rounds at galleries across the globe.

Watch the promotional video below for more shots of the Intimacy 2.0 in action. Warning: Slightly NSFW for un-opaqued boobs.


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