Is it a boat or a plane? The Flying Hovercraft accomplishes both tasks

Flying Hovercraft

It might be some sort of social status to own your own yacht, but who needs that boring ol’ thing when you can own something that can float atop water and fly? If you’re looking for a unique adventure without renting or going on some sort of vacation, look no further than the The Flying Hovercraft from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The hovercraft doesn’t just lift itself a few inches above water; this particular model has wings that can soar up to 20 inches above an all-terrain surface. The wings utilize powerful lift fans to speed up to 70 mph in the air using a liquid-cooled gasoline engine. A 34-inch fan in the back also helps maintain velocity and blows competitor hovercrafts literally out of the water. Lastly, a PVC cover will protect passengers from falling off the boat, wind whiplashes, or getting to heavily splashed by the water.

Flying Hovercraft“Operating in fresh or saltwater and up to 30 percent inclines over sand, mud, grass, swamp, desert, ice, and snow, its wings and horizontal elevator enable pilots to simply hop over water- or land-based obstacles,” the product page states.

Weighing at 1,100 pounds, the hovercraft is made with as lightweight a material as possible with wood and carbon composite structure framing the boat. Though the product features a bright yellow shade, Hammacher Schlemmer says the product is customizable, and perhaps color is included in that design option.

Best of all, the Flying Hovercraft operates like a toy. The main controls are based on a joystick that the pilot pushes, twists, and pulls to accelerate, turn, and brake. It looks roomy enough to fit up to three passengers, four if you squeeze, as long as the overall weight does not exceed the safety precaution of 600 pounds. Despite the hovercraft’s power to fly, it still merely registers as a boat and pilots will have to have the appropriate license to operate it.

For the coolest gizmo in your neighborhood, fork up $190,000 to Hammacher Schlemmer and let your flying dreams come true. Visit the official product page for a video of the Flying Hovercraft in action.

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