Jays Sees Triple with A-Jays One, Two and Three Earbuds

jays sees triple with a one two and three earbuds onesGold, silver and bronze. Venti, grande and tall. El Jefe, extra hot, and hot. After going personalized with the Q-Jays Custom last week, Swedish headphone manufacturer Jays today joins these time-honored gradients of quality with its own: the a-Jays One, Two and Three.

The characteristically low-key earbuds, which share the a-Jays name, all come with the same 8.6mm driver, extra-wide flat cables, and similar style, but a handful of changes to each model justify the $40, $50 and $60 price tags, respectively. For instance, the Two will upgrade the finish to highly polished from the plain black finish on the one, and the Three will move to a durable rubber coating, plus adding a titanium coated diaphragm, stereo splitter, flight adapter and protective case.

jays sees triple with a one two and three earbuds ones 02

Jays claims that all three models will emphasize deep, rich bass and rhythm sections (sound quality the company has pulled off in the past with the much pricier V-Jays).

While Jays would be far from the first company to produce three identical products in different trim, the reasonable price points – all just $10 apart – stand out as among the company’s most affordable entries so far.