JVC Goes MP3 with Alneo Music Player

Consumer electronics maker JVC earlier this week unveiled a new digital audio player for the masses. Called the Alneo XA-HD500, this six gigabyte player is set to be available this month for $249.99.

The XA-HD500, JVC said, plays MP3 and WMA (including DRM) files, features a USB 2.0 connection for fast file transfers and has a backlit LCD. Other features include up to 30 hours of rechargeable battery life, digital surround listening modes, bass boost, improved JVC audio enhancement technology “that improves the sound quality of compressed music” and the ability to be used as an external data storage device.

The player, which is finished in black and measures 2” x 3.6” x 0.7”, weighs 3.2 ounces and comes with a docking station that charges the player’s battery as well as being equipped with audio outputs for connecting to a PC or audio component for playback. There is also an included infrared remote control for operating the player which, when pressed, automatically enlarges the display’s type-size for easier reading when used for home playback in the docking station.

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