KFC launches a meal tray that’s also a Bluetooth keyboard for your phone

kfc tray typer bluetooth keyboard
It doesn’t seem likely that when Harland David Sanders — better known as Colonel Sanders — was working on his earliest fried chicken recipes, he was busy worrying that people in the future might be getting their screens greasy while they ate.

As surprised as the late Colonel might have been to learn of it, this is a problem his signal product has given rise to these days. KFC customers in Germany, however, are getting a unique solution in the form of a combination meal tray and Bluetooth keyboard. Dubbed the Tray Typer, this reusable keyboard is only a hair thicker than standard paper tray inserts, and a whole lot more useful.

The Tray Typer was created as part of an advertising campaign by Serviceplan, and apparently it’s a hit. Serviceplan digital marketing director Regis Watrisse wrote on Linkedin that “geolocated social media discussions skyrocketed and every single one of the smart paper trays was taken home.”

While this might be the first time we’ve seen a paper-thin keyboard used this way, it isn’t the first time a keyboard of this type has been on display. The Verge points out that U.K. company CSR showed a keyboard just as thin on YouTube last year.

This also isn’t the first time that we’ve seen fast food companies using technology to better peddle their products. Domino’s may be the reigning champion in this area: The company introduced the ability to order pizza using Twitter this month, and has previously livestreamed the pizza-making process and allowed customers to pay with Bitcoins.

For now the Tray Typer is only available in Germany, with no word on how long the campaign will last or whether it will come to other countries. If you’re having trouble reading this through the multiple greasy smears on your screen, cross your fingers and hope that the idea catches on.

See the Tray Typer in action below.

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