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Kittyo lets you play with your cat even when you’re not home (laser pointer included)


Cats are the meme-friendly darlings of the Internet, and some might even argue that they’ve got a paw up on their canine counterparts when it comes to overall popularity on the Web. But when it comes to toys, why does it seem like there are more gadgets tailored for dogs than for cats? Enter the Kittyo, a product that lets cat owners interact with their feline friends even when they’re away from home.

Simply put, the Kittyo comprises a tower-like device resembling a blender or coffee machine (which can be clamped to a shelf or wall), and a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

This means cat owners using the Kittyo can speak to, record, watch and dispense treats to their cats while away from home, all by tapping buttons in the app. But the killer feature is the device’s built-in red laser pointer, which the owner can control from the app to playfully (or cruelly, depending on your perspective) lead their cat on frenzied chases.

Kittyo launched a Kickstarter campaign late last month to raise $30,000, a goal that took 36 minutes to surpass. The campaign, which ended Friday, raised a total of $271,154 from 2,425 backers.

The device is available for pre-order for $149, which reflects a $40 reduction from the retail price. Deliveries will begin in November, according to the company’s website.

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