KlearKase Offers Everyday Protection for Kindles

Amazon’s Kindle ereader has been pushing the ereader market for a couple years now, but hasn’t really generated its own accessories ecoystems the way, say, Apple’s iPods did years before that. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any third party Kindle accessories: yesterday we noted a floating, waterproof case designed to take Kindles poolside, and now KlearKase has debuted its protective case for the Kindle. It may not let folks read underwater, but it is designed to be a protective case folks leave on their Kindles all the time to protect them from everyday falls, dirt, scratches, and moisture.

klearkase offers everyday protection for kindles

“The fully sealed KlearKase is designed so that you can leave it on all the time,” said Klearkase CEO Bob Mckenzie, in a statement. “Our founders, and their families, have broken more than six Kindles between them. The Kindle is an amazing product and we love it. But it is not designed to survive a hard drop, a soaking, or the threats of mobile life unprotected.”

The KlearKase is made from a specially hardened polycarbonate plastic, is full transparent, and adds about six ounces to the weight of the Kindle. The KlearKase doesn’t interfere with normal use of the Kindle, but does provide fully-sealed protection to protect the devices against spills, bumps, scratches, and moisture. Although the KlearKase is not designed to let people read their Kindles up to a meter underwater or neatly float them screen-side-up, it does claim to be able to stand up to the hazards faced every day by portable electronic devices.

The KlearKase should be available later in June from (of course) Amazon.com for an “introductory” price of $39.99.