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LapDawg X4 Review

LapDawg X4
MSRP $130.00
“The LapDawg X-4 is a rare breed of gadget: you'll never know how useful it is until you own one.”
  • Extremely customizable; durable; easy to store; stylish design
  • Couple of plastic pieces; short warranty


The LapDawg X4 is a rare breed of gadget: you’ll never know how useful it is until you own one. This super customizable laptop tray/laptop desk can take nearly any shape you can imagine, whether sitting or laying down. If you’ve ever felt like sifting through that ebook collection before setting off to Sleepyland, you might be interested in our in depth look at the LapDawg.

Who Let the Dawgs Out?

The LapDawg X4 laptop tray has made pulling those all night work sessions just a little bit easier. This highly customizable laptop tray fills the niche for those of us that can’t leave the office behind just because we changed into our pajamas. The LapDawg X4 is a versatile laptop desk meant to be used around the home in situations where traditional desks just don’t cut it.

The LapDawg X4 is essentially a large tray with adjustable legs on each side. Most of the construction is of anodized aluminum and feels incredibly sturdy. Though the metal is cold to the touch, it serves as a heat sink. Grooves in every surface help channel heat off to the sides, as well.

The tray piece is large enough for a 17” laptop plus a little room to spare, though smaller laptops fare better because there’s enough space to add a mouse to the setup (the surface is grooved, so a mouse pad will be necessary). The LapDawg can support up to 26.5 pounds according to the company, which we assume is the point where the joints fail. The laptop can remain on the tray while tilted, due to the raised wrist rest edge. The wrist rest itself is made of a sturdy rubber and is large enough to keep even the chunkiest lappy in check.

LapDawg X4
The LapDawg X4 folds down so it can be used in your bed

Each of the two supporting legs is divided into three segments, separated by locking joints. The joints can be positioned at 10 degree increments independently, but are unfortunately made of plastic. Though they do feel sturdy, although it is a little concerning, and we hope to see future models with more durable joints. That being said, the locking/release mechanisms are quick, easy, and functional, and have not provided us with any indication that they are near failing. Simply push the button, rotate the joint, and release to lock the leg into place.

LapDawg X4
The LapDawg X4 can hold up to 26.5lbs

Though the instruction manual gives a quick three suggestions for setting up the LapDawg (TV tray, laptop tray, and breakfast tray), there are a nearly limitless configurations. Though the makers warn to use it only on a level surface, the ability to set up each leg independently makes for easy use on uneven surfaces. The maximum height is just slightly less than 2 feet when the legs are in an “L” configuration, making it slightly low for couch use and not even an option for use from an office chair. Another nice feature we would like to see is either telescoping pieces or additional extension pieces, though the width may not enough for it to remain steady. Extended to its full height, the LapDawg is surprisingly steady, and sways much less than expected. The entire unit is rock solid when in more compressed configurations.

The legs stand about 2 feet apart, less at the most narrow point by the tray, and more at the end of the legs. The whole setup collapses down into a 1.5” thick, 5 pound board that can be stored anywhere. It’s even small enough to fit in most average sized luggage for use on the go. Our one real concern is the surprisingly short 30 day warranty. We will post updates to this review at 30, 60 and 90 days in order to report on the unit’s longevity, and allay readers’ fears. Just check out the Discussion link on Page 1 of this review.


If you’re in the market for a laptop tray, we highly recommend the LapDawg X4. It’s flexible, well-built, convenient, and useful in a number of unique situations. The LapDawg site gives many suggestions for configurations, and we’re sure you’ll find one to fit your lifestyle. Whether serving breakfast in bed, or tapping away spreadsheets while watching Letterman, the LapDawg will work its way into your everyday life in unexpected ways.

• Extremely customizable
• Durable
• Easy to store
• Stylish design

• Couple plastic pieces
• Short warranty

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