It doesn’t come from Q, but the LaserWatch is dangerous enough for James Bond

Smartwatches? They’re boring. What you want is a watch with a built-in laser. Who cares if it looks really dangerous, or that the police would likely take a very dim view of such a device? It’s a watch. That shoots laser beams.

Before you start frantically rewriting your Christmas gift list, the LaserWatch isn’t going to be on sale anytime soon. It’s the work of laser fanatic Patrick Priebe, who has a long history of making insane laser guns, tools, gloves, and even laser eyewear – which doesn’t sound unsafe at all.

The LaserWatch is his latest invention. It has a metal body incorporating a small digital clock display, so it’s perfectly usable when you’re not raining fiery death down on a variety of objects. The firepower is provided by a 1,500-milliwatt laser, and if you’re wondering if that will do more than frustrate your cat, Priebe’s video provides the answer.

Firing the laser from his wrist, like a demented Buzz Lightyear, Priebe bursts balloons, lights matches, sears through CD cases, and cuts tape in seconds. The battery inside the LaserWatch will put a stop to the destruction in about 10 minutes

Priebe told the LaserWatch is the result of 40 hours work, and should he be commissioned to build one for someone else, it would cost around $300. That makes it about the same price as the LG G Watch R. It’s not the best looking watch we’ve ever seen. it’s obviously very dangerous if not used with care, and there’s a solid chance it’d get us arrested should it be “demonstrated” in the pub. However, none of that stops it being ridiculously cool.

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