LED lantern powered by water and salt, perfect for the crying camper

Water and salt powered LED lantern by Green House Co.Remember those experiments you might have conducted in a high school science class where you attempt to light a bulb by sticking copper wires into a potato or lemon? This reaction is possible because the ions inside these fruits and vegetables help conduct voltage. The developers behind Green House Co., a Japanese gadgets company, has taken this notion to a more real-life level with its latest LED lantern that’s powered by just water and salt.

With no fancy name, the “GH-LED10WBW” does not require batteries or a dry cell. Users can simply fill it up with water and salt and the bulbs will light up upon sensing those ingredients. Green House recommends a ratio of 350 ml of saline water with at least 16 grams of salt — a combination that can last the lantern eight hours of glow before needing a refill.

The technology is possible by the electrolytes readily available inside lantern which contains a magnesium and carbon rod, each of which act as a negative and positive electrode, respectively. The resulting chemical reaction allows for a 55-lumen brightness, and the rods can both be used for 120 hours before requiring a replacement. The lantern also has a USB slot, allowing you to even charge some gadgets using the saline water concoction.

Because the LED lantern doesn’t need batteries, we can assume the device is relatively lightweight, and would make a great gear for campers and hikers. Of course, if you have a crybaby in your group, you can always experiment and see if tears are powerful enough to light up a whole gadget. When life hands you lemons, am I right?

Pricing information on the Green House Co. LED lantern is currently unavailable, but the item is reportedly scheduled for a release later this month.