Legoland Hotel California is opening ahead of schedule, and I want to go to there

legoland hotel california is opening april 2013 adventure room

Real talk: On top of everything I said about how much the Nintendo 64 meant to me, Lego was also my jam. Castles, military forts, metropolises, you name it, I’ve built it. Although I’ve never had the opportunity to go to the Legoland themepark, I may need to think ahead about spring break now that Legoland the hotel is set to open ahead of schedule.

legoland hotel california is opening april 2013 frogAlthough the press release was unclear to name when the original launch date was, it did toot the California-based Legoland Hotel opening date of April 5, 2013. The three-story, 250-room hotel boast separate sleeping areas for adults and kids along with treasure chests that are unlockable after guests have completed an clues-type hunt throughout the room. Naturally, kids quarters are bunk bed style – because they have to play up on the whole stacking blocks theme around here. So far, Legoland Hotel offers three themed room types: Pirate, Adventure, and Kingdom. My personal favorite is the Kingdom; it comes with a Lego frog prince, snail, and crown! It’s an epic childhood that’s never too late to have.

Outside the rooms, guests also have immediate access to the pools, lounge, themepark, and waterpark. Expect to see approximately 3,422 Lego models scattered across the vicinity. Legoland Hotel is offering a deal of two free children’s admissions to Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium with two adult ticket purchases if you book before the year’s end. Nobody likes a belated Christmas gift, but I think kids will make an exception if it’s for a vacation at the best place on earth (sorry, Disneyland). Reservations begin at $309 per night.

Of course, if you can’t wait until April and have extra cash to burn, Lego-themed hotels already exist in England and Denmark if you’re up for a quick hop across the pond.