Lightsaber Laser Can Blind People, Cause Fires

lightsaber laser can blind people cause fires spyder

Sometimes the responsible and careful progression of technology just has to take a backset to the “what the hell” approach of developing things just because you can. Such seems to be the case with the WickedLaser S3 Spyder Arctic laser, a blue light laser that might be just a few years (and a couple million dollars of research money) away from becoming a long-overdue laser rifle that many of us have been waiting for ever since we were kids. Possible Jedi applications could be a realistic goal as well. It even kind of looks like a lightsaber.

The S3 Spyder uses the world’s first 445nm direct blue diode portable laser, with an ultra high power 1W beam. If those words mean nothing to you, to put it in perspective, this laser can easily generate more than 1000-times the light that sunlight delivers to your skin. In other words, if you held it on someone for long enough, they would probably catch fire. Seriously. It would take some time, but it is doable. If they were lucky, the victim/test subject might just escape with a nasty burn and a potential battle with cancer waiting for them down the road. This laser is powerful enough that it could instantly blind you if you looked right at it. Even wearing protective glasses and just glimpsing the direct beam could cost you the color green for 4-6 months.

The S3 Spyder is 4000-percent brighter than WikedLaser’s previous model, the Sonar, and it costs a mere $200 once you sign the lengthy and spine chilling form that confirms that you have read the company’s page long warnings. According to the website, “This laser possesses the most burning capabilities of any portable laser in existence. That’s why it’s also the most dangerous laser ever created.”

So what is this beast for? What highly technical procedures is this laser recommended for- a laser so powerful that given the right circumstances it could literally kill someone?


After all, who can’t think of a few awesome things to do with a laser that is 1000-times more powerful than sunlight. It is recommended for people with product familiarity in using Class 4 lasers, although anyone can purchase one online.

But before you run off to buy your prototype imperial blaster though, be sure to read the warnings page, which offers such helpful tips as not to point it at an aircraft, and never use it to play with your pets. Because you might make them explode (the explode part wasn’t actually in the warnings, but it was inferred).

The laser might not be ready for the Death Star just yet, but proceed with caution, and for the love of God, keep your kids away from this at all costs.  Unless of course they are super villains, then this will make the perfect Christmas gift!