The biggest, baddest, most extravagant superyachts ever conceived

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ModCat Project L3: 85 meters / 278 feet

With its hybrid catamaran hull, the BMT Nigel Gee‘s ModCat Project L3 cuts through ocean chop at speeds greater than 40 knots. This is thanks to twin water jet thrusters that work in conjunction with the diesel engines, according to Robb Report. A pair of retractable beach pads on each side of the vessel allow plenty of area for water play, just below an upper deck with space for a seaplane, a racing catamaran, and a high-speed rigid inflatable. Other entertainment spaces include a full-sized swimming pool, an open-air fire pit, and an outdoor cinema.

Mars: 90 meters / 295 feet

“Timeless aesthetics without compromise,” was Fincantieri designer Jonny Horsfield’s inspiration for the 90-meter Mars yacht. With “understated luxury,” its capacity of 15 passengers includes the owner and guests. There is also space for 29 including the captain, crew, and staff to attend to passengers’ needs. Mars has a top speed of 18.5 knots and at its 14-knot cruising speed, a range of up to 6,000 nautical miles.

Indian Empress: 95 meters / 312 feet

If you’d like to rent a superyacht before buying one, Burgess Yachts has many appealing choices, including the 95-meter Indian Empress. This floating rental palace cruises the Mediterranean year-round with a fixed rate of 750,000 euros (about $802,000) per week. You can bring 11 other people along as guests, choosing among 17 cabins. The crew of 33 will attend you as you enjoy the Indian Empress’ treatment room, beauty salon, sauna, steam room, massage room, cinema, piano, gymnasium, and gentlemen’s lounge with cigar room. Certified on-board instructors can train passengers in using the ship’s three tenders and four wave runners, plus kayaks, SeaBobs, scuba equipment, water skis, wakeboards, and tows.

108M: 108 meters / 350 feet

When walking around a yacht seems like walking in a nature park, albeit one with aluminum walls, you know you’re on a special vessel. Hareide Designs’ 350-foot concept superyacht, 108M, was designed for guests to imagine that they are communing with nature. The six-level boat has an upper deck garden and a 65-foot infinity pool in the bow. A beach deck in the stern slopes to the water. The hybrid 108M can run on solar power at slow speeds with energy harvested by 3,000 square feet of solar panels.

Private Bay: 120 meters / 394 feet

Fincantieri concept Private Bay designer Horacio Bozzo envisioned the superyacht for an owner who demands an authentic vessel that is luxurious while staying true to the ocean-life experience. The experience of private views and beaches can be shared with 17 other passengers and 31 crew and staff as they travel up to 18.5 knots and a maximum range of about 5,500 nautical miles.

Fortissimo: 145 meters / 476 feet

Sixteen guests including the Fortissimo’s owner can stay in eight suites while the captain, crew, and staff of 48 have their own quarters. Designed for impressive speed in such a large vessel, the Fortissimo employs propulsion diesel turbine engines and four waterjets to reach a top speed in excess of 35 knots.

Shaddai: 150 meters / 492 feet

Gabrielle Teruzzi’s Shaddai concept yacht attracts comment and controversy with its 125-foot elevated master suite complete with infinity pool, terrace, bar, and private dining area. Keep in mind that in relation to the vessel’s 492-foot overall length, the 125-foot owner’s tower (measured from the waterline, not the main deck), is the equivalent of a 5-foot “tower” from the waterline in a 20-foot boat. The rest of Shaddai’s design features includes port and starboard extending decks and an interior aquarium with a view up to the glass-bottomed pool on the main deck, which is also part of a 3,000-square-foot beach club. If the Shaddai were built as conceived, it would be the sixth largest superyacht in the world.

L’amage: 190 meters / 623 feet

Premiered by designer H. Bekradi from HBD Studios at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2016, L’amage’s design is 32 feet longer than the current longest superyacht in the world (the 591-foot Azzam). Powered by a total of 95,000 horsepower from two diesel engines combined with a pair of gas turbines, L’amage has a projected top speed of 32 knots. Capable of holding 1,500 tons of fuel, the cruising range is about 6,000 nautical miles. In addition to a private apartment for the owner and quarters for the 70 crew members, the plan calls for 14 staterooms for a total of 28 guests.

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