M-Edge Guardian Case Makes Kindles Waterproof

Summer is here—well, at least in some parts of the northern hemisphere—and for many folks that means relaxing by risking skin cancer outside beside a artificial pond filled with chlorinated water. In years past, reading a book by the pool was considered a wonderful way to enjoy the season, but in this high-tech age surely that antiquated practice will be swiftly supplanted by mobile electronics. Unfortunately, those aren’t too compatible with that chlorinated water.

m edge guardian case makes kindles waterproof for kindle

That’s where M-Edge comes in: the company has launched the Guardian, a transparent polycarbonate case that the company says is the first fully waterproof case for Amazon’s Kindle ereader. The Guardian is watertight to a depth of one meter—so don’t take it with you off the diving board—but it’s also designed to float level on the surface of (still) water to enable hands-free reading. The case also offers flexible sections that provide access to most of the Kindle’s controls, and features an anti-reflective film to cut back on sun glare and protect the screen. There’s also a lanyard ring at the bottom of the case for locking down the Kindle…or just keeping it from floating away.

“Now, not only can people read by the water without fear, they can read in the water, on the water, and under the water—to one meter anyhow,” said M-Edge CEO Patrick Mish, in a statement. . “They can read in places they wouldn’t dare bring a book, but always wanted to.”

The M-Edge Guardian case is available now in three colors (black, red, and blue) for $79.99 through M-Edge or (of course!) Amazon.com.

m edge guardian case makes kindles waterproof for kindle