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Want to share your mood? Do it with the wearable-first app Vibes

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In a day and age in which “smart” has become a prefix to just about any and every household object and fashion accessory, it’s high time someone began designing apps focused primarily on the wearable experience. While the Apple Watch and other smart watches have been mainstays on the scene for quite some time now (at least, in tech years), few apps have been created specifically with the wearables in mind. Enter Magic Vibes Corporation, the company that is finally paying these devices the attention they deserve when it comes to applications, and for now, its primary offering is a mood app it calls Vibes.

The app, which is as cool as its name suggests, allows the user to communicate his or her feelings in the only way we millennials know how — visually. Using a combination of colors, emojis, and text, Vibes captures your emotions in every possible way you could express them (digitally, that is). You can then send these vibes to your friends, request that your friends send vibes to you, or just keep a running visual journal of your feelings.

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The interesting thing about Vibes is that it was conceptualized with the Apple Watch in mind. With the turn of your wrist, you’re greeted by a colorful, creative, and unique expression of your or your friends’ moods — indeed, the Magic Vibes Corporation believes, the Vibes experience makes more sense on your wrist with the Apple Watch than it does in your back pocket with the iPhone.

“We wanted to realize the potential of the Apple Watch as a screen that you wear on your wrist that can serve as a kind of colorful, high-tech personalized jewelry,” co-founder Kate Losse told PSFK. “This way, when your friend sends you a vibe, it becomes a piece of art that you wear on your wrist, until you change to a new vibe.”

“We formed Magic Vibes Corporation to create technology that channels the resonance, energy and ease that we want from our social networks,” the founders note on their website. And a key part of this coordination can be found in wearables. Said Losse, “What wearable-first means for Magic Vibes is that we are designing products that enable great wearable experiences that pair with great smartphone experiences. We know the world is going in the direction of making all kinds of new wearable technology products and so we want to design for that future as well as the smartphone-focused mobile world we live in now.”

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