Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner mops, sweeps floors automatically

mint automatic hard floor cleaner mops sweeps floors automatically xl

This mini automatic floor cleaner from Mint works hard to mop or sweep your hardwood, tile, or laminate floors so you don’t have to. Similar to the popular Roomba automatic vacuum, the Mint Robo Hard Floor Cleaner is specially designed to get your hard floors sparkling clean without any elbow grease on your part. The cleaning robot ($250) uses microfiber cloths and is small enough to fit under many items of furniture.

Mint uses the NorthStar Navigation System to track where it has already cleaned, and the device senses stairs, area rugs, and raised transitions to carpet to avoid them. Mint can easily clean against the edges of walls and the rechargeable battery will last for three hours of sweeping or two hours of mopping. The Mint can be purchased through the company’s online store and is also now available at Bed Bath & Beyond.