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Monster Has New HD Cables

Monster Has New HD Cables

Monster Cable, partnering with Gennum Corporation, has introduced the first Long Distance Hyper-Speed products for HDMI. Often, long runs of HDMI would not carry the HD signal at a high enough resolution, so that, over longer cable runs, high-bandwidth HDMI signals can be prone to signal attenuation and timing errors, referred to as "jitter," which can cause aberrations in the picture, from streaks and flashing pixels to inaccurate color.

Monster claims its new cables eliminate that, with its pricy M Series cables (retail price: $1000 to $1800), including 50, 65, and 75 foot Hyper speed rated M2000 cables, delivering 21 Gb/s performance. More afford is Monster Maximizer for HDMI (estimated retail price: $199), which delivers Ultra High Speed 10.2 Gbps data rate over long distances, securely attaches to the display side of a long HDMI cable run for a worry-free, high-definition connection, featuring LED indicators for trouble-shooting connection and transmission. There’s also the High-Definition Audio/Video Over Cat5e/6 Wall Plate (estimated retail price $399.95), which delivers HDMI up to 200 feet at the High Speed rating of 6.68 Gbps, includes LED indicators and features an external power supply, and the new High speed 6.68 Gbps HDMI over dual Cat X System (estimated retail price:$399) for custom installers.

Additionally, the Hyper Speed Cables will carry Monster’s Cable for Life replacement offer, so if the cable is ever outstripped by the technologies of the displays or sources, Monster will replace the cable at no charge.

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