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Monster Shows Off Its New GreenPower Gear at CES

monster-power-centerMonster announced the availability of two new High Definition PowerCenters featuring Monster’s GreenPower technology which the company says is designed to “prevent energy waste, save money, and preserve the environment.” These two new models, the HDP 1850G and the HDP 1400G turn off power to your home theater components when not in use to make your house less of an energy-vampire. Both PowerCenters also feature exclusive T2 power protection against surges and Monster CleanPower to help reduce wear to delicate digital equipment.

Monster says its new HDP 1400G provides users GreenPower RF control of a bank of five outlets which you can easily shut down with one press of a button. Similarly, the HDP 1850G PowerCenter features GreenPower which automatically controls three outlets and two outlets controlled by an included RF remote control.

“More and more people are rightfully concerned about energy consumption these days, both because they care about the environment and because they want to save money,” says Noel Lee, Head Monster. “Monster’s innovative technologies reduce energy waste by shutting down power to equipment that’s not in use, and best of all, they’re designed for total ease of use – it’s a win-win for both the consumer and the custom installer.”

Monster is debuting it’s GreenPower solutions at CES this week. The HDP 1850G is priced at $399.95 USD and the HDP 1400G at $299.95 USD.

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