MSI Unveils MEGA STICK 528 MP3 Player

From the press release:

With direct-encoding, the MSI MEGA STICK 528 lets you rip and save your favorite CD music in MP3 format. You can also automatically save it while recording without the inconvenience of large WMV file size and long conversion time. What’s more, the new MEGA STICK 528 supports 7 dazzling backlit screens to emphasize your individuality and synchronized lyrics diplay for all karaoke lovers, so they can sing along their favorite songs anytime.

It is well-constructed and adopts a swing-arm USB connector design for better convenience and ultra-modern look. Also featured is the SRS WOW sound effect which is powered by precise 3D effect algorithm, enhanced sound bass and amazing dynamic range that deliver highly accurate tones and lifelike performances even with a 2-channel earphone.

MSI MegaStick 528

The MEGA STICK 528 is one of the best value MP3 players around. Other important features include 15 FM station presets, simultaneous listening and recording of live radio (WMA/mp3 format) capability, language learning A-B key with continuous playback (ideal for entertainment and learning), uninterrupted 18-hour playback using AAA battery, and high-speed USB 2.0 connection to minimize file transmission time.

Currently, the MEGA STICK 528 comes in 512 MB and 1 GB. The 512 MB can store up to 170 MP3 files (or 17 audio CDs); while the 1 GB can store up to 340 MP3 files (or 34 audio CDs).

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