mStation Debuts iPod Speaker Systems

mStation, a developer of iPod speaker accessories, has released its first two stereo systems for use with Apple’s digital audio player. As reported by iPod enthusiast Web site iLounge, the new mStation Tower and mStation Orb are available now for $299.95 and $149.95 respectively.

mStation’s two iPod speaker systems, according to the company’s Web site, add a dedicated subwoofer for 2.1 stereo sound. The first model, the 100 watt mStation Tower, is made from extruded aluminum and has rotatable posts which host the system’s midrange and tweeter speakers. The dedicated subwoofer in this model is downward firing and located in the center of the cylinder. It includes a ten key remote control for control of options like treble, bass and volume.

mStation’s other new 2.1 stereo speaker system is the 50 watt mStation Orb. The form factor of this system is a gloss white orb with a built-in iPod dock. Like the mStation Tower, the mStation Orb includes a ten key remote. Features include the ability to charge, sync and transfer data to the iPod as it sits at rest.