With Mujjo leather touch capacitive gloves, you’ll never want to put your phone down

mujjo leather touch capacitive gloves touchscreen

Touch capacitive gloves are the new trendy thing to consider as a gift (to yourself or family and friends) this holiday season – but most versions we’ve seen are either knit wool or conductive in only some of the fingers. Most also have those awkward color marks to indicate which fingers are touch capacitive, ruining the high tech aspect of the gloves with a silly design. Not these Mujjo Touchscreen Leather Gloves. Crafted with Ethiopian lambskin, the buttery soft leather gloves afford the ability for all ten fingers to work a touchscreen device through the fabric – all while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

mujjo leather touch capacitive gloves touchscreen useThe secret is in the nanotechnology Mujjo embedded into the leather which can mimic the human skin’s conductivity. Wind and waterproof, the Mujjo leather gloves is lined with wool on the inside to provide extra warmth while you’re fudging with your phone in the cold. The soft leather tips also prevent you from possibly scratching your phone’s delicate screen, and a wrist strap helps to keep the gloves fitted and snugged away from winter air. The gloves will work with every touchscreen device, from iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones to tablets and MP3 players. Pretty slick-looking if we say so ourselves, and these product photos taken inside a badass car sure add to its cool factor.

Compared to other touch capacitive gloves on the market, the Mujjo price tag does come at a premium at €129.95, or $170 a pair. Still, it’s probably the best conductive leather gloves you can own this season so if you are planning to be one of those lame gifters who give gloves for a Christmas present, at least gift away an awesome pair so it looks like you gave this whole shopping thing some effort. Mujjo Touchscreen Leather Gloves is set to ship on December 12.