Multiple Natures tower is an alien-like structure that looks out of this world

It may look like an imposing alien craft from Tom Cruise’s apocalyptic Sci-Fi thriller, War of the Worlds, but Australian firm Soma Architecture has built its out of this world structure to serve people, not hunt them down.

The 1,080-foot twisting spire is dubbed the Multiple Natures tower, and was a submission for an architecture competition in Taiwan. Soma Architecture recently submitted the design for its self-described “fibrous tower,” and actually finished as runners-up in the International Taiwan Tower competition thanks to their innovative and striking design.

Apart from its mesmerizing outer design, one of the more unique aspects of the building is the various pod-like towers that can actually adjust to weather conditions by opening and closing — mimicking the movements of a flower. Each spire features an elevator that would allow visitors to ascend to the top of the building to enjoy the surrounding city and vistas.

On top of exhibiting a cutting-edge architectural scheme and exciting new technologies, the tower was also designed to be self sufficient and emit zero carbon emissions