MusicMatch’s New On-Demand Music Service

From the press release:

With an unparalleled music discovery engine, Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0 offers the easiest way to create the perfect playlist and share it legally with friends. New Musicmatch Jukebox features ensure it is the easiest way to manage, enjoy, discover and buy music all in one place on the PC.

The new Musicmatch On Demand service gives consumers unlimited access to every song in an expansive catalog of music — more than $650,000 worth of music at your fingertips. Music playlists and tracks can be shared with friends legally and quickly, while Musicmatch Jukebox organizes all music — downloaded, recorded from CD or streamed on demand — in one place. Musicmatch Jukebox also unveils enhanced customization and an advanced music discovery engine that ensure music fans spend more time listening to music they love, not looking for it.

“Music services are evolving from their complex roots of ripping, burning and managing purchased and pilfered media locally into simple on-demand services where you gain legal access to the entire music library for a low fee,” said Enderle Group Principal Analyst, Rob Enderle. “Enhancements will now focus on personalization, discovery and portability going forward. With this announcement, Musicmatch is once again setting the pace for the next generation of on-demand, increasingly personalized, multimedia providers.”

Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0 is the first true all-in-one jukebox program, offering a way for any music fan to easily discover and enjoy music, regardless of listening preferences and budget. Musicmatch Jukebox includes free and premium Musicmatch Radio, as well as 700,000 songs for download at 99 cents each through the Music Store.

“The new Musicmatch Jukebox with Musicmatch On Demand leaps ahead of existing services with an incredibly powerful music discovery engine, and an intense focus on ease of use,” said Dennis Mudd, Musicmatch chairman and chief executive officer. “With Musicmatch On Demand, we’re truly putting the music universe in front of our customers and making it easy for them to enjoy it in a very personal and relevant way.”

Pricing & Availability

Musicmatch On Demand is available for $7.95 per month when billed annually, $8.95 per month for quarterly billing or $9.95 when billed monthly. The Musicmatch Music Store features more than 700,000 songs for download at 99 cents each, and most albums cost $9.99. All Musicmatch services can be accessed by visiting and downloading the free version of Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0. Musicmatch Jukebox Plus, which offers faster ripping and burning speeds and unique features like Super Tagging, is available for $19.99.