Heat-sensitive, color-changing jeans won’t so much as let you hide a fart

Naked and Famous thermochromic denim jeans

Thermochromism refers to the color change in a substance’s property due to temperature shifts. The most popular example of this is the mood ring, but if that’s too retro for your fashion taste, perhaps you’ll want to rock these Naked and Famous Thermochromic Selvedge jeans. These heat-sensitive denim pants turn from blue to white when things get hotter – it’s like having two pants in one: One that’s baby blue in the winter and white during summer.

Naked and Famous thermochromic jeansFiled under the brand’s “Weird Guy” collection, the Thermochromic jeans feature five pockets, button fly, and come in either a straight or slim leg. The pants have been washed in thermochromic wash to give them that mood ring effect – only the kinds of moods they can reveal would be anything that are associated with rising body temperatures. If I use my common knowledge correctly, the moods that come to mind include embarrassment, anger, feverish, and horny. Basically, feelings that you probably don’t want your jeans to spoil to the public. If you’re still not quite understanding how this works, take a look at the video provided by Naked and Famous below. It features two models frolicking in the snow and touching each other’s butt to showcase the color change. Take it from that last sentence that the video is slightly NSFW due to lack of pants in the beginning and some gentle ass grabbing.

Intrigued? We thought so. If you’re looking for a unique, crazy pants to wear all year round without anyone noticing you only own one pair of jeans, these may be ones you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you really hate someone and want them to own embarrassing pants that turn white at the butt every time they sit down for an extended period of time, these will do the trick as well.

The Naked and Famous Thermochromic jeans are available today from Barneys at $240. If you want something equally off-the-wall, check out the brand’s Scratch-n-Sniff jeans from last year.

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