Naval USA-UFO remote drone test flight a success

The U.S. Navy achieved a new landmark in advanced aviation today with the successful testing of its X-47B unmanned aircraft. Developed by Northrop Grumman, the X-47B was commissioned to take-off and land onto moving aircraft carriers while out at sea.

The design of the unmanned aircraft has a very futuristic feel to it, reminiscent of a UFO — which among many things should help account for an increase in alleged UFO sightings.

Northrop Grumman stated that the test flight conducted today at Edwards Air Force based helped validate hardware and software that would aid the X-47B in landing with precision on a moving aircraft carrier.

“Last week’s flight gave us out first clean look at the aerodynamic cruise performance of the X-47B air system … and it’s proving out all of our predictions, ” Jani Pamiljans, vice president and Navy UCAS (Unmanned Combat Air System Carrier) program manager for Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems division said to Fox News.

“Reaching this critical test point demonstrates the growing maturity of the air system, and it’s readiness to move to the next phase of flight testing.”

As the U.S Navy seeks to the maneuver away from manned aircraft to unmanned drones, expect to see more and more military tech like this on the horizon.