Netgear, DS2 Offer 200Mbps Home Networking

Netgear and Powerline communications chip maker DS2 today announced a plan to bring a 200 Mbps Powerline HD solution to market so that consumer can get higher broadband speeds in home networks. New Netgear products with DS2’s chips in them are expected to begin selling in the second quarter of this year.

This new partnership, said the two companies, will turn any electrical outlet into a high speed, 200 Mbps broadband connection. Through this connection, consumers would reportedly find it easier to stream high definition video, back up computers to a central server and engage in Internet or network based gaming.

“As applications like online gaming, whole-house audio distribution and high-definition video streaming are becoming more mainstream, consumers require fast, reliable broadband access in every room in the home without the inconvenience of running new wires,” stated Patrick Lo, CEO of Netgear, in a statement. “We are excited to be working with DS2 to develop a solution that tackles that problem head on. Our collaborative technology will extend high-performance Internet connections to any room in the home, making it possible for consumers to enjoy high-quality, high-definition video and other bandwidth-hungry applications without interruption.”

“Netgear is a major force in the consumer electronics market and a leader in offering high-performance products,” added Jorge Blasco, CEO of DS2. “Our partnership with Netgear is proof positive that there is a growing consumer demand for Powerline products. Moreover, DS2’s 200 Mbps Powerline chipsets are providing simple, reliable broadband connectivity that offers the necessary bandwidth to connect the digital home. DS2 technology is proven and mature. Our technology is currently in use by several service providers and we are delighted to be working with Netgear to bring this technology directly to the consumer.”