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Netgear enhances router line, adds IPTV

Netgear enhances router line, adds IPTV

Netgear has added two new powerful routers to their line-up, will offer new digital streaming products (one that lets you access videos easily with a cool search mechanism), and has announced a new business unit that will sell direct to the small biz market. Unfortunately, the one missing item from their CES showfloor is a 450Mbps router to match the new products that D-Link and Trendnet announced this week.

According to Netgear, the 450Mbps market is still new and emerging and consumers have not necessarily requested the faster models which break the 100 Mbps barrier and may not want to pay more than $200 for a router.

The new WNDR3700 is a real stunner, though. It uses compressed antennas to provide a wide-ranging signal. In a hands-on test, the router has several new usability features: an actual on/off switch (a first for Netgear), an easy way to configure the router with a button for WPS setup, and a sleek black design that looks great in the modern office.

The new MBR624GU is a mobile broadband router that Netgear claims supports just about any 3G card; it works in 802.11g only and not N, although that might be a major detriment for the business travel crowd.

The new Internet TV Player ITV2000 connects you easily to the viral vids of the day with a simple search mechanism. Another newly announced product is the Digital Entertainer Elite EVA9150, a smaller and more stylish take on their previous Digital Entertainer model with and integrated hard disk drive, dual-N support, and an HDMI output. Videos looked crisp and clear when streamed over an 802.11n network on the showfloor.

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