Networked clothes hangers show how much an outfit is Facebook Liked

C&A Fashion Like

If you’re the kind of person who needs a second opinion on what you plan to wear, this Brazilian fashion retailer will give you upward of thousands. C&A has launched a clothes rack line called “Fashion Like” that is networked to show how many Like’s the particular clothing item received on Facebook so you can get some crowdsourced opinions before making the buying decision.

C&A fashion like hangersC&A began by posting photos of its collection on its Facebook fan page and letting the opinions of social media friends determine if an outfit is worthy of purchase. The Like’s are displayed on a digital screen that’s built in the hangers to show real time votes. If you tried on an outfit and need help figuring out whether to buy it, you always consult the number to see how many people enjoyed the particular piece of apparel. Since there is no way to dislike something on Facebook, you won’t actually find any outfit that’s decidedly horrible; it’ll just come off as less likable than others. 

The clothing rack seems to be on a display-only showroom, since each hanger needs to coordinate with the right outfit hung on it. You may need to point the particular item you want to try on to an associate so they can bring you the outfit in your size.

Of course, this is a clever marketing campaign to get more people to buy according to popularity, and interacting with customers to show how their social media actions can directly influence the way someone shops. However, with something as subjective as fashion, it’s also a bit harder to tell if outfits actually look good on your specific body type. How many times have things looked better on the rack than on our body?

We still give credit for C&A for the new and interactive way to combine offline shopping with an online experience. Though the retailer is based in Brazil, you can still participate in liking their latest collection on its official Facebook page. You can also watch the video below to see how the concept works (be forewarned, the video is in Portuguese!)

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