New apps, OS version to grace Pebble watches shown at CES

new apps os version grace pebble watches shown ces pebble2apps

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Pebble Steel may be the latest and greatest to come from Pebble, but the smartwatch maker also made sure to shore up its existing market with improvements to the operating system and new apps that are on their way. The Pebble 2.0 update, and a new app store that will accompany it, will be available to Pebble users by the end of January.

The update to Pebble 2.0 invites new developers to get in on the action and make a wrist-accessible version of their app. Joining in on this cause include some of the more notable mobile app makers around. Pandora will bring its music discovery service to Pebble and will include the ability to create and listen to stations. Yelp can help you find a restaurant and will make use of Pebble’s portability by showing you dining spots near by based on your location. GoPro’s app allows users to hit record on their camera from their wrist. Foursquare makes checking in and checking on your friends easy. An app from iControl Networks gives control over different parts of your home, from climate to alarm. These are just some of the apps being developed, and Pebble promises the amount of developers on board is plentiful.

Pebble was early to the wearable tech market when it released its Pebble smartwatch, and with the unveiling of Pebble Steel and the Pebble 2.0 operating system update, it’s clear the company doesn’t plan to stagnate as the market continues to develop.