New IBM Podcast Covers Genographic Project

IBM has a new podcast up which might interest those who are into DNA. Called “IBM and the Future of our Past”, it is part of a new series of IBM podcasts called “IBM and the Future of…”, which focuses on both general technology trends and IBM contributions in a variety of businessand technology areas.   "IBM and the Future of our Past" introduces the Genographic Project, a landmark five-year study conducted by IBM and the National Geographic Society. The Genographic Project is collectinghundreds of thousands of DNA samples to put together a map of how humans migrated out of Africa and populated the planet. The podcast is hosted by Ben Edwards and features a discussion betweenworld-renowned geneticist and anthropologist Dr. Spencer Wells, who heads the Genographic Project, and Ajay Royyuru, head of IBM’s Computational Biology Center.   The podcast is approximately 16 minutes and length and 7.5MB in size.

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