New TransPod All-In-One Makes iPods Happy

Digital Life Outfitters, a maker of accessories for digital music players, last week announced they’d redesigned their popular all-in-one car solution for the iPod known as the TransPod. Priced at $99.99, it is available now.

The new TransPod, which works with most 3rd and 4th generation iPods including the nano and mini, broadcasts the iPod’s music to any FM radio frequency from 88.1 to 107.9 while simultaneously charging and cradling the iPod in the car. Instead of a separate transmitter, charger and cup holder cradle, the DLO TransPod combines all of these features into one design which plugs into a cigarette lighter.

Other features of the TransPod include three different exterior colors, a controllable backlit display, programmable preset stations, audio input to transmit audio of other devices through a FM station, auxiliary output to connect directly to a car’s auxiliary audio inputs and fit pads to accommodate various iPod sizes.

“The DLO TransPod is one of the most important iPod accessories in the world. Since DLO invented the TransPod three years ago, millions of people have been able to enjoy their iPod’s music in their cars, trucks, vans, even boats,” said Andrew Green, VP of Marketing for DLO. “The re-designed TransPod takes the best sounding iPod Transmitter and makes it the best looking iPod car solution too. With dozens of new features and improvements, the DLO TransPod distances itself even further from its competition – if it’s even fair to call them that.”

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