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Nook Outsells Kindle in March, E-Reader Sales Expected to Hit 11 Million

Although all the recent hype for e-readers seems to be directed at the iPad, the Kindle and Nook are quietly waging a war for the burgeoning e-reader market that could determine the fate of the fledgling market.

Digitimes is reporting that 53 percent of the 1.43 million e-readers shipped in the first quarter were Nooks, although it should be noted that the Kindle has been out longer and holds more marketshare. Best Buy has recently began to sell the Nook at its retail locations for $259.99 on April 18. The Kindle debuted at select Target stores on the 25th for $259 as well.

Despite the sales boost to the Nook, it is good news for both the Nook and the Kindle. Global e-reader sales are expected to reach 11.40 million units by the end of the year, a significant increase from the 3.82 million units worldwide in 2009. Those numbers could increase if supplies of the iPad can match the demand.

Reagardless of who consumers choose for their e-readers, it is good news for the e-book market that has seen several shakeups – especially price related– over the past months.

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