Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

Move over graphene! Gallenene is the latest 2D material on the block

Graphene may be the most famous 2D material, but it's far from the last. Researchers have developed a 2D version of gallium, which could well have applications in nanoscale electronics.
Emerging Tech

You can control this robot as it trawls the Chicago River picking up trash

An innovative new Kickstarter project aims to clean up the Chicago River by giving you the chance to navigate a real life trash-collecting robot from your computer. Here's how it works.
Emerging Tech

These white-hat Twitter bots collaborate to solve chemistry problems

Designed by the U.K.'s University of Glasgow, these chemistry-experiment-performing lab robots carry out research and then share the results with one another using a Twitter account.
Home Theater

Tired of your superyacht’s tiny TV? Enter the crazy, 200-inch C Seed Supermarine

Do you own a superyacht? (Who doesn't?) If so, you can outfit it with a 201-inch TV and speakers that retract into the deck. C Seed's ultra-bright, Supermarine television is as opulent as the boats its designed for.
Emerging Tech

Prolonged time in space literally changes the structure of astronauts’ eyes

Optometrists have analyzed the pre- and post-flight data from astronauts who spent time on the International Space Station. Their conclusion? Time in space changes the structure of your eyes.
Emerging Tech

This adorable robo-tortoise teaches kids that beating up robots isn’t okay

Developed by engineers from South Korea's Naver Labs and Seoul National University, Shelly is a cute robotic tortoise designed to teach kids not to abuse robots. Here's how it works.
Emerging Tech

Shocking the brain with electricity can prompt people to remember old dreams

Scientists at France’s Toulouse University Hospital have discovered that stimulating the brain with electricity can prompt people to remember experiences that they had while dreaming.
Emerging Tech

Electrolux is planning to fight tariffs imposed on washing machines

New tariffs take aim at South Korean washing machine manufacturers and Chinese solar panel producers, as well as Swedish company Electrolux. Electrolux will contest the new tariffs.
Emerging Tech

SEC charge against Theranos CEO Holmes could spell end for health tech company

Theranos' founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, has been charged with fraud by the SEC. She'll have to pay a fine and will be barred from leading a public company for the next 10 years.

A self-driving car in every driveway? Solid-state lidar is the key

Your car needs lidar to drive itself, but these spendy sensors often cost more than a car. Solid-state technology promises to drop them to $100, and unlock a self-driving revolution.
Emerging Tech

Google co-founder’s self-flying taxi venture takes off in New Zealand

The latest aircraft to join the flying-taxi club is Kitty Hawk's Cora, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page and already undergoing flight tests in New Zealand. Cora has a range of 60 miles and can fly faster than 90 mph.
Emerging Tech

Social media is flooded with illegal wildlife trade but A.I. can help

Thanks to researchers at the University of Helsinki’s Digital Geography Lab, wildlife may find help through a popular tool traffickers use to deal their illegal wares — social media.