Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

3D printing is older than you think. Here's how it went from labs to basements

3D printing is one of the most revolutionary technologies today allowing anyone to turn an idea into a physical product. Here are the landmark events that brought it to where it is in 2018.
Emerging Tech

Ridy smart camera will alert drivers when they’re drowsy or distracted

Using impressive machine learning technology, Ridy is a forthcoming smart camera which watches your face as you drive to notice behavior that suggests you are tired or distracted.

Stay connected on the go with one of the best smart backpacks

Whether you want a backpack for commuting to work, to take on weekend trips, or for a trek through nature, many these days do more than just hold your lunch. Built with smart technology, there are packs that charge your phone, play music…
Emerging Tech

Doctors in Britain are zeroing in on a universal cure for the common cold

Researchers from the U.K.’s Imperial College London have developed a new molecule that could help battle the cold virus by stopping it from hijacking human cells. Here's how it works.
Emerging Tech

X-ray laser heats water to 180,000 degrees in a fraction of a second

Scientists have used a superpowered X-ray laser to raise water temperature from room temperature to a massive 180,000 degrees Fahrenheit in just a millionth of a millionth of a second.

With ChroMorphous technology, clothes may soon change color with a tap of a phone

Developed by a team of research scientists at the College of Optics and Photonics at The University of Central Florida, ChroMorphous technology allows users to control and switch up the pattern on a fabric using a mobile app. 
Emerging Tech

To unlock secrets of evolution, scientists want to sequence all life on Earth

The Earth BioGenome Project has an ambitious goal — to sequence the DNA of all plants and animals species on Earth. In doing so they hope to unlock secrets of evolution and help preserve the blueprint of species for perpetuity.
Emerging Tech

Stewie the robot offers horseback therapy without the stable fee

A team of undergraduates from Rice University have developed a robotic horse to offer therapies for patients with neurological and movement disorders. The robot was designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to the living creature.
Emerging Tech

Disposable plastic straws are a huge polluter. This keychain could change that

Every single day, Americans throw away an estimated 500 million single-use plastic straws. A new handy portable implement called the FinalStraw aims to provide them with an eco-friendly alternative.
Emerging Tech

Solar-powered devices pull water vapor straight out of thin air in Australia

People across Australia may soon drink purified water pulled straight out of thin air. The water will be supplied by an array of solar-powered devices developed by Zero Mass Water, an American company specializing in technology that…

You can order an Uber, Lyft with Google and Levi's Project Jacquard smart jacket

Two years after first teasing us with its line of connected clothing, Google and Levi's have put us out of our misery. The first piece to come out of Project Jacquard is the Commuter Trucker jacket.
Emerging Tech

Curious what you’re missing when you blink? This new wearable records it

Have you ever heard the expression "blink and you'll miss it?" Researchers from Germany’s University of the Arts Bremen have come up with a wearable device to help solve that problem.